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School Boundaries


Objectives | Redistricting Process | Procedural Guidelines

Welcome to the Boundaries Information Page. Boundary maps included within this site are intended to give general boundary information for Henrico County Public Schools. To see boundary maps please click on the links to the right.


Users should contact the HCPS Department of Research and Planning for the most current school assignment. This is especially true for any new development or current neighborhood near the boundary of a school attendance area. School assignments are subject to continual review and may be adjusted as conditions warrant. Please check our calendar for any upcoming redistricting plans and presentations.



There are four (4) objectives that are followed when establishing school boundaries:

1. To achieve the efficient utilization of present and projected school facilities. The determining factors are:

  • Current and projected student population growth within school census tracts within school zones.
  • Plans for new school construction.
  • Feasibility of plant expansion and/or renovation to provide comparable educational facilities.
  • Placement of special programs which affect regularly formulated capacity figures for a school building (e.g., Special Education with average capacities of 10, whereas the average elementary classroom capacity is 22).

2. To further implement the grade organizational goal of K-5 Elementary Schools, 6-8 Middle Schools, and 9-12 High Schools.
3. To maintain the concept of geographic zoning which encourages the participation and involvement of geographically contiguous communities with a school.
4. To provide all students the best physical learning environment possible by uniform and equitable utilization of facilities according to the needs of the educational program.


Redistricting Process

The following is a basic outline of the guidelines used for previous school redistrictings:

  • The HCPS Department of Research and Planning identifies schools with capacity problems, gathers information about school utilization and availability of specific space, and determines if adjacent schools have sufficient space available in order to provide relief.
  • The School Board reviews relevant data and directs the administration to analyze options for capacity relief.
  • Once potentially affected schools are identified, the administration conducts information/input sessions in those schools with parents to explain the process and to gather input.
  • After examining all input and possible alternatives, the administration develops potential boundary change scenarios that follow regulations and prepares data to show the effects of potential changes on the number of current students at affected sites. Possible alternatives are reviewed with appropriate staff and the attorney.
  • The superintendent and staff review alternatives with School Board members.
  • The school division schedules date for initial presentation of the proposed plan, public hearing date(s) and location(s), and the decision.
  • The school division prepares and disseminates a public notice.
  • Research and Planning meets with principals of the affected schools in order to review the proposed plan.
  • The administration presents the proposed plan to the School Board at a public meeting.
  • The School Board accepts a proposal for public review and comment.
  • Information packets for affected schools and letters to parents and patrons in the affected area are mailed directly to families and sent home with students.
  • The proposed plan and supporting information are shared with all PTA presidents and civic groups as needed.
  • The School Board conducts a public hearing on the proposed plan.
  • The School Board considers the publicís input and makes adjustments where appropriate and makes a decision based on available information.

Procedural Guidelines

There are procedural guidelines that are used when attendance zones are altered:

  • Major roads and natural boundaries will be used whenever feasible to define attendance zones.
  • All reasonable efforts should be made to ensure contiguous geographic zones which minimize division of clearly identifiable community components (e.g. apartment units, residential subdivisions).
  • All legal and judicial guidelines for the maintenance of a unitary school system will be strictly adhered to.
  • Efforts will be made to establish walking schools and reasonable walking zones where feasible.
  • Efforts will be made to ensure an efficient system of school bus transportation.
  • Provisions should be made to ensure the continuity of a child's K-12 progress. This may be accomplished by offering older students in a school the option to remain at an existing school if parents provide transportation.
  • Implementation of a rezoning plan over a span of several years would be preferable if it has the effect of minimizing the need for additional line changes for a community in the near or immediate future. (Possibility of phasing in certain changes to avoid additional changes when new school construction is completed.)


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